4 Fun Mountain-Inspired Wedding Traditions

4 Fun Mountain-Inspired Wedding Traditions

Nestled amidst the majestic peaks and breathtaking vistas of Colorado, mountain weddings at Wild Basin Lodge hold a unique charm that captivates couples and guests alike. The stunning natural backdrop, crisp mountain air, and sense of adventure make for an unforgettable wedding experience. If you’re planning a wedding in Colorado, add a touch of local flair and create lasting memories with these fun mountain-inspired spins on classic wedding traditions.

wedding cheers

Alpine Toast with Crafted Flavors

Raise your glasses in a toast that's as unique as the Colorado scenery. Elevate your celebration by serving local craft beers or artisanal cocktails inspired by the mountain region. This delightful nod to the local flavors will give your guests a true taste of Colorado and set the tone for a festive and flavorful celebration.

wildflower bouquet

Wildflower Table Arrangements

Nature's beauty is unmatched, and Colorado's wildflowers add a touch of rustic elegance to your mountain wedding. These arrangements can bring the vibrant colors and delicate scents of the mountains to your reception.

wedding favors

Local Wedding Favors

Celebrate the love you share with your partner and the love you have for Colorado by gifting your guests with locally inspired wedding favors. Showcase the region's unique flavors and craftsmanship by offering miniature jars of locally harvested honey, artisanal chocolates infused with regional ingredients, or even small bottles of Colorado's famous craft beer or spirits.

wedding guest book

Mountain-Style Guest Book

Set up a large wooden slab or a piece of reclaimed barn wood as a canvas for your guests to sign or leave heartfelt messages. Supply vibrant markers or paint for a rustic touch. The result will be a captivating piece of art that you can display in your home, serving as a constant reminder of your special day in the mountains.

Modern Wedding Traditions infographic

When it comes to celebrating your love amidst the grandeur of Colorado's mountains, there's no shortage of captivating traditions to infuse your wedding with local charm and flair. Create lasting memories during your special day with Wild Basin Lodge. Contact us to book your tour today!

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