4 Tips For A Perfect Fall Wedding

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4 Tips For A Perfect Fall Wedding

Fall weddings come with many advantages if everything is planned correctly. For instance, you can get unforgettable photos with perfect outdoor receptions at the ceremony. Wild Basin Lodge offers perfect wedding venues in the mountains during the fall season in Colorado. The following are tips to have the perfect fall wedding when you book with us!

Image of fall flowers

Incorporate Fall Into Your Decorations

Arrange with the event team to have decorations coordinate with the season. Consider the early setting of the sun during this time, as your photos may be affected if taken after the sunset. Talk to the photographer to have most photos taken when the sun is still out.

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Be Prepared For Weather

Weather can change quickly during the fall season. You need to plan early by having wraps or jackets for everyone in the wedding if it gets too cold. You can also add fans and heaters to the space to prepare for any weather that Colorado may throw at you.

Thanksgiving décor on a table

Ensure Guests Are Comfortable

You need to be mindful of holidays during the fall season. The attendance is likely to be lower if you hold it on or around a holiday. You can try to theme the wedding with a holiday present to keep guests entertained as well! If it is on Thanksgiving, consider having a Thanksgiving feast on the menu so the guest won’t feel like they are missing out on festivities.

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Choose A Convenient Date

You may get more offers and discounts as the fall season starts. If you want to lower the wedding budget, set the date during this season since you can negotiate prices. Ask for these discounts from different venues before selecting one.

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Fall weddings can be made memorable if the above tips are followed. Wild Basin Lodge provides the perfect venue for your fall wedding in Colorado. Check out our website for prices and bookings.

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