4 Ways to Ensure You Have the Perfect Wedding in Colorado

4 Ways to Ensure You Have the Perfect Wedding in Colorado

Your wedding is one of the most special moments in your life and you should make sure that everything you do on that day is exactly what you’ve envisioned. From knowing who you will be inviting, to planning, to knowing where it’s going to take place, it is important to know what fits you and your significant other. Here at Wild Basin Lodge, we bring you some tips to have the perfect wedding in Colorado. Read on to learn more about it!

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A picture of the wedding venue at the Wild Basin Lodge in Colorado

The Guest List

Your guests are the amazing people who are going to be there enjoying with you and celebrating that special day. You should be happy with every single person that’s coming to your wedding — it’s as much of a privilege for them to be there as it is for you a pleasure to have them close to you in such a wonderful life event. Make sure that everyone you love and care about is invited!

A notebook to plan the perfect wedding!

Plan the Event

Knowing what’s going to happen and when it’s going to happen on your wedding day is a must. There are many things to consider, so many details to plan, and you should be able to have all of it under control. Ensuring you take the lead on this or hire someone to take care of that who you can trust can be the difference between having a wedding and a wonderful, life changing wedding!

A beautiful lake close to the Wild Basin Lodge wedding venue in the spring.

Pick the Right Season

Like everything we have mentioned so far, picking the right season for your wedding is about choosing what you want and what you will enjoy the most. Different seasons will provide different feels and moods to your wedding day. Here are some examples of the different seasons:

  • Summer Wedding — You can plan your event with lighter attire with a fresh feel and look. Lovely time to have weddings near lakes or beaches.

  • Fall Wedding — This time of the year can be a dream for your wedding. You get amazing temperatures, beautiful backdrops with the leaves changing colors, and some seasonal flavors that can match your wedding.

  • Winter Wedding — While it can be cold outside for a ceremony, the magical unique visuals that snow brings to your wedding can open room for a spiritual experience.

  • Spring Wedding — As one of the most picked seasons for weddings, spring time can be amazing to still having great temperatures and you have everything blooming — great for outdoor weddings!

The Wild Basin Lodge wedding venue.

Choose The Perfect Venue

First thing that comes to mind of some of the most impactful things about a wedding is the bride’s dress and how beautiful she looks. However, that's not the only thing that will be engraved in the minds of the people who assist. That’s where the venue comes in!

Having a stunning wedding venue that can accommodate your style, the amount of people coming to your wedding, and creating the perfect ambiance can define all the beautiful memories that you’ll create on that special day. That’s why, at Wild Basin Lodge, we offer a spacious and breathtaking wedding venue so you can enjoy your special day surrounded by the people you love and creating moments that will last a lifetime!

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Whether you want to have a massive wedding with all your family and friends or are looking for a smaller more intimate wedding, Wild Basin Lodge is here to offer you a wonderful wedding venue with all you need to make that special day even better. Contact our team today to learn more about our availability and all the services we can offer you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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