Planning The Perfect Mountain Wedding For Any Season

Planning The Perfect Mountain Wedding For Any Season

Weddings are a beautiful, intimate opportunity to declare your love for your chosen life partner, and what a better place to rejoice in than the mountains?! At Wild Basin Lodge, we have more than 13-acres of land with a scenic mountain view for your magical day. Over the past decade, our proprietary planning system has given us an advantage over the competition, making us one of the top mountain wedding venues in the area. Check out our tips on how to plan the perfect mountain wedding for any season!

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It’s All About Location!

While the wedding is about celebrating your love for your partner, much of the planning process centers around finding the perfect location. At Wild Basin Lodge, we have two wedding sites to choose from as well as a reception and bar area and lodging to provide you with a private outdoor wedding experience. No matter which location you select, you will be surrounded by the serenity of the Rocky Mountains.

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Certain Seasons Have Risks, But Also More Rewards

The mountains have always had a certain allure and wonder to them. This is partly due to the ever-changing landscape and weather conditions. While the weather does set the tone for the celebrations, there is nothing wrong with a winter wedding as long as you are prepared for the cold! Wild Basin Lodge provides over 13 acres for you to explore with your loved one and photographer to capture the beauty of your mountain wedding no matter the season!

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Plan for Unpredictability

At Wild Basin Lodge, we strive to create a stress-free for you and your family. Our proprietary planning system helps couples navigate the tricky and complicated planning process with ease. While some things may be unpredictable, like rain, our full-time wedding planner and wedding day coordinator will be on the scene to offer personalized assistance so you may enjoy the rainbow waiting for you on the other side of the shower. Our all-inclusive wedding venue will provide you with everything you need to create the perfect mountain wedding of your dreams.

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Don’t Forget About the Why!

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. At Wild Basin Lodge, we only book one wedding per day and dedicate our time solely to weddings to ensure your perfect wedding day goes as planned. We want you to focus solely on celebrating your love for one another.

Wild Basin Lodge’s all-inclusive wedding venue is the perfect mountain wedding scene to celebrate your day of love. Make your mountain wedding dreams come true. Book your tour today!

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