Tips For Planning The Perfect Winter Wedding

Tips For Planning The Perfect Winter Wedding

Planning a wedding is an exciting experience for so many people and taking steps to make the big day as perfect as possible is top-of-mind for most couples! If you’re planning a wedding in the wintertime, it’s likely because you and your partner love snow, cold weather, and cozy things, which are all great aspects to emphasize for your wedding! At Wild Basin Lodge, we want to make planning the perfect wedding easier for every couple we work with, so here are our tips for planning the perfect winter wedding!

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Plan For All Weather Conditions

In Colorado, locals know that the weather can be unpredictable during any time of the year, but winter weather can be especially capricious! When you’re planning a winter wedding, make sure to create contingency plans for any kind of weather so unforeseen snow, wind, or rain doesn’t negatively affect your photos, your transportation, or your event as a whole!

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Use Seasonal Items To Your Advantage

One of the best parts of planning a wedding in the winter is getting to utilize beautiful holiday themes to your advantage! If you love the rich, warm colors of Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Hanukkah, or any other holiday, you can play into those themes for your wedding, too. Of course, holiday decor can always be repurposed or reworked into beautiful, budget-friendly wedding decor, too!

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Know That Some Guests Won’t Make It

Winter is a time of year that is full of holidays and events, and while a wedding is a great excuse to get together and celebrate love, family, and friends, some people may have other plans for the holiday season. As you plan, it’s important to expect a few ‘No’ responses in your RSVP pile, but if you really want particular people present, be sure to plan far in advance and speak with those you want there most so they can plan accordingly before they even get your invitation!

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Make Planning Easier with an All-Inclusive Venue!

Of course, one of the most important parts of planning an amazing winter wedding is having everything you want and everything your guests need included with your venue! From catering to day-of coordination, Wild Basin Lodge has everything included in your wedding package, so you know that everything is taken care of before your big day!

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